Cedarrose Screamn Eagle - Lili

Lili Lili

Cedarrose Screamn Eagle (Lili) is a beautiful girl who has inherited the good points of both her accomplished parents. Her pedigree speaks for itself. She was started late to showing and never really took to the show scene, preferring to display her grace and presence at home and not in the ring!

Good looks aside, she also has brains! Lili does well at obedience, and is very friendly and social with other dogs.

Lili started life with us as a boisterous youngster and has developed into a very graceful, sweet and loving girl who has a wonderful desire to please. She adores her kids, cats and chickens. We could not imagine a life without her in our family! Many thanks to Vicki Page of Cedarrose, for entrusting Lili to us.

It is now time for Lili to retire from maternal duties. After producing three gorgeous litters, we could not ask for more from our darling girl. She has always been the most amazing mother and raised her puppies beautifully. She will now be putting her paws up and will enjoy being thoroughly and lovingly spoiled as she watches her youngsters grow up.

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